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Disability Rights Electronic Information Exchange

A group of disabled individuals working together to develop an interactive information exchange, using technology ie email and lists to increase their access to the Internet and raise awareness amongst web developers

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MHADC board tech discussion

MHADC (Mental Health Association of the District of Columbia) board discussion of possible technology-serving-health grants available

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FreeNet home network

Kiev ethernet porivder freenet unofficial mailing list

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Indian Children's Fund

A list to give information to our subscribers about how underprivileged children in India are being benefited in their education by the use of technologies like computers and distant learning by television.

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Discussion group for Registered Education Providers of project management training in high technology organizations

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Forum Ukhuawah Pekerja Muslim MM2100

Milist for science and information technology discussion between alumnus FUPM-MM2100 industies, Indonesia. The objectives of this milist is to sharing knowledge about science and information technology between FUPM-MM2100 Bekasi, Indonesia. Most of the milist member are working as engineer [IT engineer, petroleum engineer, chemical engineer, earth scientist] in national and multinational company like chevron pacific indonesia, sclumberger, halliburton and astra international. Discussion about us can enrich and enhance our knowledge therefore it will be usefull to community development and technology spreading.

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Kappa Psi Pharmacuetical Fraternity Province 5 and the Web

This list is to be used by borthers of the Kappa Psi Pharmacuetical Fraternity (and Province 5 specifically) to bring information on their technological (and other) aspects of their chapter/social life

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Stringtown E-mail List

Stringtown is a non-profit group of individuals that uses portable, outdoor multimedia, lighting, and sound effects to create free holiday themed events for the public. Current projects that will be discussed include low cost portable outdoor movie theaters, light organs, light sequencers, and audio effect automation.

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OneWorld Support Centre

This mailing list is meant to serve as a largely self-driven community space for partner organizations of OneWorld centres in the Asian, African and Latin American regions. If you belong to a OneWorld partner organization in any of these regions or have participated in training workshops conducted by the OneWorld South Asian, African or Latin American centres, this list is for you. Here is where you can post messages and get answers to your questions on building and maintaining web sites that help to promote sustainable development and human rights. You will also find this a forum for OneWorld partners to exchange technology notes and view archived contents relating to Web site development and maintenance.

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Startery Central and Eastern Europe 2015

This is the Mailing List for the participants that take part in the Startery CEE summit 2015. The Mailing List should facilitate our communication.

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Salaf is a mailing list designed with you in mind for support our member at that using Indonesian language. The average computer user. This is where you can ask questions, help someone else, and discuss anything involving the computer or the internet. A place to learn more about them, how they work, and more importantly, how to make them work for you, from others like yourself. All things computer can be asked, answered, and discussed in this forum.

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Audubon's Operations Listserv

The operations listserv seeks to use today's list technology to further Audubon's endeavor of creating One Audubon and link state offices together to share problems and solutions.

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Ingenieure ohne Grenzen -- Regionalgruppe Bochum

Mailing list of the Bochum branch of German development aid organisation "Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V", part of the "Engineers without borders" network.

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IAESTE University of Nebraska Lincoln Chapter

This list serves the IAESTE Chapter at UNL. IAESTE is a student orginazation that helps to provide students in higher education with technical experience relevant to their studies. IAESTE does this by trying to match up students with internships in various technological and scientific firms from around the world. IAESTE United States is an organization dedicated to developing global skills in tomorrow's technical leaders. IAESTE United States accomplishes this goal by offering exchange programs and membership in the organization. Participation in the IAESTE exchange is open to bona fide students attending courses at universities, institutes of technology and similar institutions of higher education in the study fields IAESTE is covering. In order to be eligible the students subject of study must be within the field of science, technology or engineering. FIELDS of STUDY: ENGINEERING: Architecture Chemical Eng. Civil Eng. Computer Science Electrical Eng. Food Engineering Environmental Eng. Industrial Eng. Mechanical Eng. Metallurgy Mining Process Eng. NATURAL SCIENCES: Biology Chemistry Biochemistry Geology Geophysics Mathematics Pharmacy Physics OTHERS: Agriculture Brewing Commerce Economics Forestry Graphics Printing Horticulture Hotel Management Languages Textiles Veterinary Medicine Wood Technology

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[DorfDialog] - Forum l�ndlicher Raum - Netzwerk Brandenburg

Im Rahmen der Reihe DorfDialog bietet das Forum l�ndlicher Raum - Netzwerk Brandenburg Fachveranstaltungen zu verschiedenen Themen der l�ndlichen Entwicklung f�r Akteure auf Gemeinde- und Ortsebene an. Hier werden Sie zu diesen Veranstaltungen eingeladen.

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