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Writing and discussing science fiction, fantasy & horror. The literature, books, ideas, news in the field. In Swedish. -- F�r att skriva och diskutera science fiction, fantasy & skr�ck. Literaturen, b�cker, id�er, nyheter inom omr�det. P� svenska.

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The Great Round science fiction discussion

All about literature, mostly sci-fi but not only

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Heavy Gear APAworks PBEM

Private mailing list for members of the Heavy Gear APAworks PBEM.

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We are apart of the Celestial Prime Alliance, a simulation based in the Star Trek universe. We sim using AOL/AIM chat rooms and write logs in between to further character lines and the plot. With this list, it will cut down having to send it to twenty people (which is a normal amount for a sim). We portray characters, ranks, and personalities.

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Aluno le jeu

Groupe de discussion pour les joueurs This is a discussion list for player of private and unique game Aluno-le-jeu. In french.

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Wilson County Rona Discussion free of Soc Media

This email list is for discussion free of the nanny idiocy of FB Twitter. Old school!

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USS Vanguard

The members of the Star Trek USS Vanguard wish to utilize FreeList as a way of discussing science fiction, Star Trek tools found on the Internet, and for utilizing the 'Net as a way to build Star Trek communities on the Internet.

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a curry class starship set in the world of star trek

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Ramil, El legado de Bert

The purpose of this list is to discuss and arrange the schedule for a LAN party, it will be used to discus not only this but also PC specs or infrastructure requirements, Moreover we will share video games & PC configuration information, I believe important to notice that the mails in this list will be written in Spanish.

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I.S.S. Preditor

Mailling list for a klingon simulation. Roleplaying game.

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Quorum of the 12

Colonial Alliance Governing Body

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SFHQ Club Operations

This mailing list consists of all the members of the SFHQ Operations Team for AJJE Games.

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Tau Lyrae

Tau Lyrae is a Star Trek play-by-email RPG that follows the adventures of the crew of the Visek Nor station and the USS Georgetown, set in Tau Lyrae system in the early 25th century.

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Babblings UK 20th Anniversary Point

This list is for invitees, contacts, announcements, and general discussions about the Babblings UK 20th Anniversay Point meeting

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A mailing list in Chinese about technology, history and society

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