Software Development

Programming, design, theory, user support groups, product-specific newsletters

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Orca screen reader developers and users

This list is for developer and end user discussions of the Orca screen reader. Please visit the Orca WIKI at for more information on Orca.

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Haiku Bugs

Mailing list where all trac tickets will be posted and can be discussed.

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Haiku Development

This is the official development mailing list about Haiku, an open-source operating system designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. You can find the Haiku website at:

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Argyll CMS

Argyll Color Management System Mailing List. Discussion of development, bugs, and usage of Argyll and icclib.

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DokuWiki Development

A list for developers and people interested in the development process of DokuWiki - a free and open source Wiki engine written in PHP. More info about DokuWiki is available at

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NetSurf Browser Commits

This is the commit mail list for the NetSurf Browser Project

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David Pilling Software

Discussion of David Pilling's RISC OS and Windows software

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Haiku Commitlogs

Commits to the haiku code will be logged and discussed here.

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Discussion of liblouis and liblouisxml

This list is for the discussion and developmnt of the liblouis and liblouisxml braille translation, back-translation and formating software4

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Traditional Hanzi Localization

Chinese localization using traditional hanzi for free software.

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HaikuPorts Commits

Commit notifications for HaikuPorts.

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NetSurf Browser Developer Discussion

This is where NetSurf Browser developers discuss things, or where you can report issues and send patches for consideration.

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gPodder Development Mailing List

Discussion of the development of the open source gPodder podcast client ( and announcements of new releases.

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Haiku Web/Support Tools

Discussion on the web and support tools for Haiku developers

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RackTables users list

This list aims to coordinate best usage practices, contributions, documentation and feature requests between RackTables users and developers.

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