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Steelers Pro Bowl List

The new home of the old Yahoo Steelers "Pro Bowl" Group. The original place for deep discussion of the Pittsburgh Steelers for over 25 years has a new home.

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Canadian Pacific Historical Association

The Canadian Pacific Historical Association is an independent, not-for-profit, membership group organized to provide a forum for the exchange and collection of prototype information about the Canadian Pacific Railway and it's many subsidiaries. This list is a forum for CPHA members and non-members to communicate with each other about the Canadian Pacific Railway and talk to the CPHA's Executive and Editorial staff about it's activities. You can find more information about our organization at http://www.cptracks.ca

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Welcome to ConstellationTalk! This is a platform for engaging in collegial conversations about constellation practice as was originally developed by Bert Hellinger and continues to be developed by practitioners around the world. We invite you to ask questions and engage in topics of interest to the group, but no advertising or self-promotion please. A full list of guidelines will be regularly posted in the group. This group was founded in 2003 by Dr. Chris Walsh. In 2020, Chris invited Tanja Meyburgh to continue the role of moderator.

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Blind Cooks

Welcome to Blind Cooks; a place where people with visual disabilities can exchange messages about how to improve their cooking skills as they relate to the daily challenges of being blind or visually-impaired. People with all levels of experience in cooking from beginners to seasoned cooks and even professionals are welcome and needed so as to benefit everyone. Whether you have a ton of questions or wish to share your wisdom and experience, this is the place for you. Come on in and exchange your favorite recipes, discuss the latest adaptive products, and improve your cooking tecniques and procedures so you can make dishes even you can't resist!

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Winnipeg Bus News

This is a group dedicated to documenting the delivery, rebuild and retirement of buses operated by Winnipeg Transit.

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Showgsd-l The Conformation Fancy Meets the Age of Technology

The List exists for the purpose of assisting the American / Canadian German Shepherd Dog Fancy in leveraging technology for the benefit of the fancy and for the benefit of the dogs. This is an advanced user list for breeders and Showers of the GSD in North America.

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list for optacon users and researchers

A list for optacon users and developers of other optacal to tactical conversion technology for blind people.

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Grupo de Analistas Legislativos da Camara dos Deputados empossados a partir 17 de janeiro de 2002.

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Blind ZA Lifestyle/Technology discussion List

Open discussion forum for all visually impaired/blind people and even sighted people who want to help them. List is for the discussion of, among other things, lifestyle, related technology, etc. etc. Would like to focus membership in South Africa (hence the ZA part of the name), but not limited.

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For scripting and configuring JAWS. Normal JAWS usage not connected to scripting is off topic. Messages about using applications not connected with JAWS scripting and configuring are off topic.

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Harris Hill Soaring

Harris Hill Soaring is a flying club in Elmira, NY, which operates flight facilities for persons interested in the technology, skills, and lore of motorless flight. Through HHSC flight training members may become FAA-certified glider (sailplane) pilots. The airfield lies adjacent to the National Soaring Museum.

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Bienvenue sur notre liste de discussion strictement dédiée à l'utilisation de Thunderbird avec un lecteur d'écran. Sur cette page se trouve un formulaire qui vous permettra : 1. De vous abonner (Subscribe) ou de vous désabonner (Unsubscribe) à notre liste. 2. De suspendre (Turn Vacation mode off) ou reprendre (Turn Vacation mode on) la réception des messages 3. de recevoir les message de manière distincte (Turn Digest mode off) ou groupée (Turn Digest mode on). Enfin,La puissance de notre hébergeur (freeListe.org) ne s'arrête pas là puisqu'il est tout à fait possible de lancer une ou plusieurs requêtes et de recevoir en retour une réponse. D'abord, tous les courriels devront être envoyés à l'adresse thunderbird-dv-request@freelists.org. Ensuite, vous devrez saisir une ligne par commande, vous pouvez utiliser le champ objet ou le corps du message, cela n'a aucune importance, les guillemets ne doivent pas y figurer. Voici quelques commandes: "lists" : obtenir la liste de tous les groupes de discussions. "who": obtenir la liste des abonnés qui ont choisi de ne pas être masqués. "set thunderbird-dv hidden" : masque votre présence sur le groupe à moins bien sûr que vous ne manifestiez votre présence. "help": cette commande est la plus importante puisqu'elle vous permet d'obtenir toutes les commandes disponibles. Sur cette page se trouve également un lien ("Help") pour le cas où vous aimeriez en savoir plus.

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Grand Island, NY Community Garden

Group for discussion regarding the creation of a community garden for the people of Grand Island, NY.

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synthese d'informations et d'analyses pour les supporters de l'Olympique Lyonnais

Liste de diffusion indépendante (créée le 11 août 2000) proposant chaque jour une synthèse d'informations et d'analyses sur l'Olympique Lyonnais : nouvelles de l'équipe, résultats et statistiques, articles de presse, compte-rendus de matchs, interviews, notation des joueurs, sondages, chroniques et réactions de supporters... Allez l'OL !

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natural rabbit

Members are interested in natural health care of rabbits and other animals. We share advice with other members on animal care, etc

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