List Flags

This is a list of "flags" that can be set on subscribers. A flag is basically an on/off switch that controls one or more features available to subscribers. Think of them as a list of preferences that you can customize. Flags can be turned on and off through the "Change Settings" function in the list menu. To see which flags are set for you, use the "View Settings" function.

This flag sets you into vacation mode. While in vacation mode, you won't receive any list messages. This is an important thing to do when you won't be able to check your mail for awhile to prevent it from being filled up with unexpected list messages. You must turn vacation off to receive messages again.

This flag prevents you from appearing in the list of users made available through the "List Users" function. This is nice if you wish to just 'lurk' on the list rather than participating, and you don't want anyone to mail you, or to know that you're subscribed. Only administrators can see that you're subscribed.

If you wish to receive "Digests" of the mailing list, rather than a message everytime a post is made, set this flag. This is nice if you don't want a lot of mail cluttering your mailbox, or if you'd rather just review the traffic on the list rather than scrutinizing every post. The amount of time between digests is set by the list administrator, but it's usually sent daily or weekly.

If you'd like to receive both Digests and normal posts, set this flag. Use this one instead of the regular "Digest" flag.

This flag allows you to receive copies of messages that you post.

This flag only applies to lists that are moderated. (See "List types" if you'd like more information on that part.) If set, you'll receive a note letting you know that your message has been approved and posted.

The following settings really only apply to administrators and moderators, as they are the only ones who can set them.

Set this if you'd like bounced messages forwarded to you. This can get annoying quickly.

Set this if the subscribed account is for diagnostic purposes only. Mail will not be sent to this subscriber.

Set this if you wish to not receive administrator posts

This only applies to moderated lists. Set this if you wish for your posts to automatically be approved and posted on the list, rather than being sent through a moderator.

Set this to not be taken off the list (or put on "Vacation") if mail to you bounces.

Set this if you wish to receive reports about list activity.