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  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 19:59:12 -0800

We recently had a meeting when we had the wonderful opportunity to listen to
a lecture from  Sarah Ballard about extra-solar planets and detection
methods.  During the question session I made the comment that when our
astronauts come back from space they are "basketcases."  To clarify, I was
speaking only of their physical condition, their physical health upon
returning from orbit.  Here is an article which may help some of us
understand more about how the human body deals with life in space and
returning from that.  



I'm sure most of us know that many times, when an astronaut returns from
space he or she has a more broad perspective, which is one large benefit of
seeing our planet from space.

I am sure, that brief journeys into orbit and the resultant physical
debilitation upon return is a price worth paying for getting to see that
view and perhaps to gain a bigger perspective on life on Earth.  My question
is, can we seriously imagine that we could spend generations in space?


Warm wishes,

Marc Carter


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