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from Sam Hunt.

Just so you...

Seattle Chess Club requires proof of vaccination to attend any of their meetings, tournaments, etc..

Issaquah Highlands Chess Club requires proof of vaccination or a written report showing the person to have been tested covid negative within 72 hours of their meetings and chess tournaments.

The Tacoma Chess Club's best chess player is a staunch Trump supporter and believes that covid vaccines have a chemical to weaponize them and that an unidentified planet outside our solar system is going to destroy Earth. Though "/recommended"/, no one wears masks at their meetings.

60% of WA state is vaccinated. I would guess that those vaccinated are the 60% most intelligent WA residents.

Is TAS comprised of the other 40%?

what is wrong with you guys?

Is there a single unvaccinated Trump supporter ruling you all like the Tacoma Chess Club?

If you cannot stand to be questioned about member health and safety, I will consider it a favor to me if you to ban me from this list because I wouldn't want to be part of such a group any way.



On 6/5/2022 7:50 PM, charles jacobson wrote:

Just so you know; we will plan to start in person meetings beginning July 7 at UPS, Mask wearing is strongly recommended. I will present a program on Uranus and Neptune.

We will have two star parties in GD this summer.  The first is beginning on June 23^rd and the second in Aug 25-28,  the 23 will be  a barebones affair with the club paying for a sanican and washing station, the second in Aug is the usual deal.  Alice will be posting stuff on our website. Be appraised that the June one is really weather dependent and for the last 6 months it has not been clear there around the New Moon times. Cjacobson

BTW this next Tue will have a zoom meeting; the present will again be Dr Andrea Kunder ; her topic will be the Early Milky Way I believe.

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