Available Commands

This is a list of commands available at the main menu. Not all users will see all commands described here.

List Users

This function allows you to list all users on the list, as well as what flags are set for them (i.e., vacation, admin). Note that users who wish to remain private may have set the 'Hidden' tag; only Admins can see these users with this function. Note also that it's possible that the list admin has turned this function *off* (even though it still appears in the menu) to prevent people from getting lists of email addresses.

Main Menu

This button takes you back to the main menu.

View Settings

This function allows you to see what settings (preferences) you have set on the list. See the help on List Flags for more information.

Change Settings

This function allows you to change the settings you can view through View Settings.


This function allows you to easily unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Admin Menu

This function only applies to list administrators. It takes you to a separate menu of admin-level functions.