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Connected California

A Committee/Task Force within ITS California, formed to promote connected and automated vehicles in California.

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GAS di Bovezzo

This distribution list is intended as a technology discussion tool for a non profit group based in Bovezzo (Italy) aiming the spreading of an ethical vision of an open world. We intend support projects by small independent producers.

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Carl Avenue Road Association

A means to communicate with members of the Carl Avenue Road Association about road maintenance.

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NCOR CFR Volunteers

Mailing list to facilitate communication between the volunteers at NCOR's Centre For Reviews

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this mailing list is open mailing list and focused on issues,announcement,and discussions related to pune hackerspace

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TTC Paderborn

Table Tennis non-profit club list for sharing important information about table tennis.

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Florida NENA Members

Florida Chapter of NENA Membership Mailing List

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AnimalsUnited Berlin

List for people who participate in the "AnimalsUnited e.V." local group of Berlin, Germany, to plan and discuss our activism for animal rights. Anyone interested in joining may also refer to our organization's homepage:

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MFA's Trial List

This is so we can learn what it does. Mass Forest Alliance is a non profit forest economy advocacy group with 600 members across massachusetts. The list will be used to disseminate current events and for sharing articles that appear in local and regional papers, and to coordinate the interest parties in responce.

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NJ Farm Network

Stakeholders working to improve land access for farmers in NJ.

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WASH Net Sierra Leone Newsletter

This is to keep our members, partners and colleagues in development informed about updates and current activities we are working on around Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

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Genealogy Trails Hosts

A private discussion mailing list for the hosts of Genealogy Trails. A place where the website hosts of Genealogy Trails can communicate with each other, discuss ideas, give suggestions and opinions, find help, chat, etc. Subscription to this mailing list is required of all hosts.

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Monta Vista California Young Democrats

This is the mailing list for the Monta Vista California Young Democrats. The list will be used to inform the community, the school, and others who wish to collaborate about how to utilize the internet and utilize modern technology for political activism.

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Bharat National Aasra

An Organizetion to Bring social reform, government accountability.

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